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Join the MOSAIC group's monthly meetings!


MOSAIC (Multimodal Social Interactions) is a multidisciplinary group aimed to bring together international researchers who are interested in social interactions from different sub-disciplines, e.g., visual and auditory perception, language and psycholinguistics, communication theory, social robotics, and more - with the goal of creating a stimulating intellectual environment. If you're interested in joining the group and to receive notifications on our upcoming monthly meetings, please join our Teams Channel!

We started out in 2021 and are now hosting monthly meetings in which we discuss a topic, method, or question of interest for research on multimodal social interaction, covering a diverse range (e.g., big issues in human interaction research inviting the authors of this paper; using deep learning for studying social interaction; a method intro to VR; and some upcoming meetings are on eye-gaze, interactive holograms, language etc etc).

Usually around 15-30 people attend our monthly 90-min Zoom meetings, on the last Thursday of each month at 15.00 to 16.30 NL time

We are also looking for more volunteers to help facilitate these meetings as our community grows, so if you're interested, please get in touch with LimorRachael or Jonas

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